Case study

UK Power Networks & Amey Joint Venture

Case study- UK Power Networks- osirix-consulting

Project Overview

The High Voltage Non-Traction Power systems will provide power to all High Speed 2 systems, excluding Overhead Line Equipment. It is a fundamental system that will ensure that system availability is maximised and can be easily maintained.

11 written responses were submitted, which included all aspects of maximising availability of the HS2 route:

System Design and Delivery


Technology selection




Organisation and Partnerships


Interface Management


Asset Management


Remote Isolation System Development

We worked closely with specialist engineers to develop their proposals within very tight page counts. Some responses required technology development workshops, in which we were involved to capture the proposed designs from concept through to an outline design, and develop compliant bid responses.


Tender was submitted on 24th June 2022, with Contract Award due in June 2023.

UK Power Networks (UKPN) and Amey partnered to deliver the High Voltage (Non Traction) bid for High Speed 2. Engaged as the Technical Bid Writer for 6 of 11 inter-related responses, including the system design, technology selection, performance, Testing & Commissioning, Interface Management and an outline concept for a Remote Power Isolation solution. Worked closely with engineers to develop proposals that were transformed into bid responses. Undertook workshops to develop strong supporting evidence.