Case study

Transport for London Procurement of iBus2 Services

Leonardo UK Limited for Transport for London

Leonardo UK Limited for Transport for London_Osirix Consulting

Project Overview

The iBus2 Services The iBus2 Services will support Transport for London and its Operators for all 4,500 bus vehicles across Greater London by providing real time passenger information and vehicle location information to interfacing systems. The iBus2 Services will facilitate service control and emergency response and will integrate with the existing voice radio system, ticketing and performance management systems. The iBus2 Services will also provide the data collection and calculation of the mileage and reliability performance data that enables payments to Operators.

The procurement is separated into two lots:
(i) Lot 1 – On-Bus Services
(ii) Lot 2 – Back Office Services
A total of 64 written responses are to be submitted across the two lots, with responsibility for covering several subject areas, including:

Solution overview


Installation, configuration, testing and deployment


Legacy systems support


Real time data, management and reporting


Bus and trams integration


Continuity, capacity, availabiliy, performance and service level planning


Project, transition and rollout management


Staff training


Risk management

Considering the feedback and scores obtained from previous tenders and the PQQ, we designed and implemented new bid production processes and document templates, and an end-to-end production process from Storyboards, through Bronze, Silver and Gold reviews and a final sign off procedure. A rigorous evaluation process was implemented to ensure that responses met and exceeded all requirements.


Contract award due in Spring 2023.