Case study

Traffic Management Partner

Siemens Rail Infrastructure for Network Rail Limited

TMP-Traffic Management

Project Overview

The Traffic Management Partner tender represented the onboard element of the East Coast Digital Programme (EDCP), with tenderers required to team up with suppliers from the start to design, develop and deploy the European Train Control System (ETCS) technology and transform the East Coast Main Line into the first fully digital railway in the UK.

This was the second major project conducted for Siemens and was a new market for the business. The value of frameworks is: Lot 1 – £108 million; lot 2 – £72 million.



The bid processes and templates introduced on the East Coast TCP Bid were implemented and refined.


Extensive workshops and close working with Subject Matter Experts and Joint Partner to develop robust and deliverable proposals.


Close working with R&D Department to develop initiatives and proposals and risk approach.


Siemens won both lots and thus was confirmed as the programme’s train control partner (TCP) and traffic management partner (TMP).